Mailing Bags - Mailing Sacks

Grey Mailing Sacks
Coloured mailing bags ideal for mail order despatching of soft goods, textiles or a range of online or catalogue products. Silver mailing bags come with a self seal peel strip closure that forms a tough seal and acts as a security or evidence of tamper proofing as when opened it causes distress to the bag. A variety of uses, from regular sized plastic mailing bags suitable for brochures and small items of clothing to extra large plastic mailing bags that can be used as heavy duty courier sacks, or for mailing boxed or over-sized products.
Size Micron Case Quantity
150 x 225mm 55 1000
225 x 318mm 55 1000
250 x 350mm 55 1000
300 x 400mm 55 500
325 x 475mm 55 500
400 x 525mm 55 500
450 x 550mm 55 200
525 x 600mm 55 200
575 x 700mm 55 200

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