Protective Packaging - Cell-Aire Foam Rolls

Cell-Aire Polyethylene Foam
Cell-Aire Foam is the perfect non-abrasive, non-corrosive item for packaging delicate products. It's lightweight and flexible design ensures that the product is protected from scratches and abrasions that can occur during transit. Cell-Aire is water resistant and is supplied in various thickness' to suit the needs of the user.
Similar to our bubble wrap, Cell-Aire Foam is supplied as a 1500mm wide roll but can be cut in to the following widths.
1500mm - Cut 2 x 750mm
1500mm - Cut 3 x 500mm
1500mm - Cut 5 x 300mm

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Width Thickness Length Area Square Metres
1500mm 0.7mm 300m 450
1500mm 1.0mm 300m 450
1500mm 1.5mm 200m 300
1500mm 2.5mm 120m 180
1500mm 4.0mm 75m 112.5
1500mm 6mm 85m 127.5

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