Cardboard Boxes & Cartons - Mail Ready Boxes

Multipurpose packaging ideal for sending books, catalogues, CD‘s, DVD’s and other media safely and securely through the post. Manufactured from recycled corrugated board these wrappers are available in several standard sizes and styles to accommodate a variety of products. These wraps can accommodate sizes up to the maximum specified with a unique design that securely hold the contents in place. Quick and easy to assemble with self-seal tape, these finished packs offer superior protection to conventional padded bags and plain boards with a built in crumple zone.
The larger postal boxes are excellent for larger items & consignments but are still fast to assemble with a quick erect base & unique variable depth.

Mail Ready Boxes
Description Metric Size
SMALL WRAP 243 X 163 X 39 MM
MEDIUM WRAP 305 X 215 X 39 MM
LARGE A4 WRAP 335 X 253 X 45 MM
X-LARGE A3 WRAP 455 X 305 X 59 MM
12" BOOK WRAP 320 X 320 X 40 MM
SMALL ECO BOX 320 X 250 X 160 MM
MEDIUM ECO BOX 405 X 300 X 155 MM

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