Pallet Wrap & Strapping - Strapping & Banding

Plastic Hand Strapping
Versatile, light and flexible: this polypropylene hand strapping on plastic reels has a breaking strain from 120 to 260 kg and is recommended for parcels, bundles and light pallets

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Width Length Colour Break Strain
12mm 1000m Black 260kg
12mm 2000m Black 150kg
12mm 1000m Yellow 310kg
12mm 1300m Black 220kg
12mm 1000m Blue 300kg
12mm 1500m Black 190kg
14mm 1200m Black 240kg
Plastic Machine Strapping
Manufactured to the highest standards with regular embossing and straight, parallel edges, this polypropylene machine strapping is suitable for use with all makes of semi and fully automatic strapping machines.
Width Length Colour Break Strain Core Size
12mm 3000m White 135kg 200/190
12mm 3000m Blue 135kg 200/190
12mm 3000m Black 125kg 200/190
12mm 2500m White 130kg 280/190
7mm 5000m White 96kg 200/190
7mm 5000m Red 96kg 200/190
9mm 4000m White 85kg 200/190
9mm 4000m Blue 85kg 200/190
Strapping Seals
Our semi-open metal strapping seals allow you to place the seal into the trapping at any point and seal anywhere along the strap. The crimped seal closure provides extra grip on the strap when sealed for extra security during storage and transit. 

Serrated seals created increase grip on the strapping once sealed and work to improve the breaking strain of the strap once secured.

Other sizes of seals are available please ask.

Always ensure that you are ordering the correct seals for your strapping. 

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Description Size Case Quantity
SO10 Semi Open Seal 10 x 25 x 0.5mm 2000
SO34 Semi Open Seal 12 x 25 x 0.5mm 2000
SC12 Closed Seal 12 x 25 x 0.5mm 2000
HMAG12 Magazine Seal 12 x 33 x 0.8mm 2500
PMAG12 Magazine Seal 13 x 33 x 0.6mm 2500
SO16 Semi Open Seal 16 x 25 x 0.5mm 2000
SP1232 Semi Open Seal 16 x 32 x 0.6mm 2000
SO1632 Semi Open Seal 16 x 32 x 0.6mm 2000
MAX16 Optigrip Seal 16mm 1000
Corded Polyester Strapping
Wdith Length Core Break Strain
13mm 1100m 78mm 375kg
16mm 850m 78mm 765kg
16mm 650m 78mm 600kg
19mm 600m 78mm 550kg
19mm 500m 78mm 725kg
19mm 500m 78mm 950kg
25mm 500m 78mm 950kg
32mm 300m 78mm 1500kg
38mm 100m 78mm 2000kg
Steel Strapping
Steel strapping is the strongest strapping available and is used for heavy duty applications of up to approx 850kg. The strapping is applied using hand tools and seals or by the sealess combination hand tool
Size Length Breaking Strain
13 x 0.5mm 395m 560kg
16 x 0.5mm 395m 720kg
19 x 0.5mm 395mm 850kg
Optigrip Strapping Buckles
High performance sheradised metal buckles for woven and hotmelt polyester strapping
Description Wire Thickness Case Quantity
13mm Optigrip Sheradised Buckles 3mm 1000
16mm Optigrip Sheradised Buckles 3.5mm 1000
19mm Optigrip Sheradised Buckles 3.8mm 1000
25mm Optigrip Sheradised Buckles 5mm 400
35mm Optigrip Sheradised Buckles 7mm 250
Galvex Strapping Buckles
Galvanised buckles for polyprop and composite strapping
Description Wire Thickness Case Quantity
13mm Galvex Galvanised Buckles 3mm 1000
16mm Galvex Galvanised Buckles 3.5mm 1000
19mm Galvex Galvanised Buckles 3.8mm 1000
25mm Galvex Galvanised Buckles 5mm 400
35mm Galvex Galvanised Buckles 7mm 250

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